Artist Statement




This body of work focuses on depictions of chronic armed conflict, and the devastation of natural and man-made disasters that reference the threat of climate change. Disaster Paintings consists of a series of brightly-colored paintings on Masonite. I have hung the series both individually and tightly packed as a single, sculptural unit. I have been adding images documenting world events for this body of work since 2013.



Based on nightscapes, this body of work utilizes a monochromatic palette. The grainy grays of night and depths of darkness have always interested me.  I find scrubbing and working the panel painting surface to convey the tonal qualities of dark reminded me of my printmaking days -- wiping the etching plate to get the right effect of density and color.



Coming out of the pandemic, plant catalogues with their images bright with blossoms offer relief and inspiration. My Pod series picks up on the color and fecundity that these plant close-ups and feelings of post-pandemic rebirth inspire. Done on unfinished Masonite with layers of paint and a heavy gloss finish, the blooms burst across the confines of the square surface. 








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